If Ambaro’s son was murdered
And she knows that Ali’s family
had committed  this awful crime
Which they believe is leading them to hell

The families of Ali and Ambaro
Will be living in anguish and guilt.
The only solution to their problem
Is forgiveness and the opening of their hearts to each other

Their case seems just like our fragmented nation
The people of which hold grudges against one another and are divided in clan enclaves

Brothers and sisters forgive each other
Be forgiven and open your hearts to each other

In order to get fair government
And enormous strength of purpose
The Almighty can help you
To regain your self-respect

Brothers and sisters forgive each other
Be forgiven and open your hearts to each other

Let the blessings of heaven rain down
Earth sprout in prosperity
Then we shall dance together in peace
Folk pleasel forgive each other

Brothers and sisters forgive each other
Be forgiven and open your hearts to each other.


Nabad Curiye Project for Good Governance

First the project is to solve local conflicts ‘where there are misunderstandings’ and second it will train district commissioners and heads of counts and villages and also it will equip district offices that need to be equipped.  The project will solve conflicts within the community or communities through dialogue by providing them a platform to discuss their differences and giving them a technical assistance. The professionals implementing this project believe that local problems can be solved through traditional and local custom procedures before the installation of fair and democratic system in the districts. When conflicts are solved, it would be easy training local people’s leaders and installing democratic administrations in many districts with the permission and support of the Somalia incumbent government. 

This project will endeavour restoring peace and stability within the communities that torn apart by prolonged civil war, and it will create in them fair, collective and effective democratic local administrations that stand for their interests. This means during the reconciliation and good governance installing process the project will consider the equal opportunities for all. It won’t allow any group or groups of people to be marginalised or being left behind as the objective and policy of this project is fairness, social harmony and peace among people. The project is dedicated to start the reconciliation of the civil war ravaged country from grassroots and then it will expand its efforts to upper levels of the national reconciliation. Why the project is important at this time?

This project is important because Somalia is failed nation which had no effective regional administrations over two decades. All governmental institutions and districts administrations were collapsed. It is believed that there are no experienced district commissioners in many regions and in the past Somalia never ever had fair and competent democratically elected regional administrations. Another reason is making this project important is even though Somalis are homogenous people, they are organized in to feuding clans and sub-clans and they did not find a good government system brought them together and lead them to the right direction.

Before the colonial era, during past governments and even now clans or cub-clans have their own territories depending on how the clan is large, is organized and it is not unusual stronger and larger clan to occupy administrative positions disregarding weaker and smaller clans live with them. The only system existed in this country was clannish and stronger to rob the rights of the weak and after the fall of the former dictator regime of Somalia the social situation of the country got worse.  

Clans challenging each other on the top leadership positions of the country and the limited resources of the nation had displaced each other. As the result of this many escaped from the country, seeking safe haven to other countries. The country became where clan gangs, warlords and less educated people took administrative roles. Many of those left the country are now returning and as same as those at home they want peace and stability and fair administration prevent another social disintegration. For these reasons and many others, this project is vital to train authorities in the districts and to help them of establishing democratic local institutions.